A 10-step hybrid research design




Here's a powerful hybrid design for qualitative research when breakthrough insight is desired:


  1. Plan with the client team, using a creative process

  2. Do team training, if authentic ethnography or higher levels of creation ideation will be incorporated in the project

  3. Set up fields, write screener, recruit panelists, do progress reports

   4. Write the moderator's guide and ethnographic agenda after everyone on the team identifies what they want to        discover in the research

    5. Assign homework to recruited respondents to give them a week to create. Diaries and collages are good choices for homework to bring to groups

    6. Conduct the fieldwork, using groups, indepth interviews (IDIs), and/or authentic ethnography

    7. Debrief informally between regions

    8. After all fieldwork is completed, return to client headquarters and conduct a formal day-long or half-day creative  debrief to coalesce findings and identify early hypotheses and implications

    9. Allow a moratorium for researcher/ethnographer to analyze findings and go through visual data

  10. Present a powerpoint report with text and visuals in person at client offices with time to debate, discuss, and generate next steps