3 Synchros:  Title, Turtles, and Tara​





1. On Tuesday evening, May 10, I speak about the subject (not the title) of my workshop presentation that I'm developing for an upcoming conference in Baltimore for the Double Festival of Accelerated Learning and Problem Solving. My friend who's listening says, "That sounds like Truth or Dare." That is the exact title of my talk. We are both surprised. I had kept the workshop's title secret from everyone. (When I'm working on a conference or research piece, I don't reveal much of it until it's ready to stand on its own.) So, is my friend's pickup of the exact title Truth or Dare?...a synchronicity, a psychic hit, or an intuitive association? Perhaps this is an indication that the workshop is a daring stretch in knowledge. The full title of my workshop-in-progress is Truth or Dare? Exploring Paradoxes of Relativity and Absolutism in Knowledge through Cultural Anthropology.


2. I am heading to a spiritual retreat on Monday, May 9, and while driving from NYC to NJ in rush hour traffic, decide to play the Synchronicity Game. (Hold a question in mind or ask it aloud. Be aware of the next occurrences from the universe that indicate an answer.) My question is: What will happen during and at the retreat? How will the retreat be? A BMW car immediately speeds by, with the license plate, TryGod7. (I try to take a photo on iPhone, but this doesn't come out.) I am fascinated by the reference to deity and the number 7. At the retreat, which is Buddhist and for White Tara, there is a description in the text of the sadhana that White Tara in her iconographic embodiment has 7 eyes (2 regular eyes, 1 at her forehead, 1 in each of her palms, and 1 in each in the soles of her feet). These 7 eyes are to help increase awareness and vision of nondual wisdom in body, mind, and soul from those who practice White Tara. Other references to 7 also abound at the retreat. There are 7 noble Taras. There are 7 verses of supplication and invocation to Tara. There are 7 levels of samsaric existence that Tara helps one to see through into spiritual dimensions of compassion and interconnectedness. (I remembered the 7 eyes only after I heard the first teaching at the retreat, but not at the moment of the BMW. I had no knowledge of the other 7 references.) It appears that the idea of TryGod7--try to connect with a deity associated with 7--had been foreshadowed by the vanity license plate glimpsed on the way to the center.


3.T tells me of a mutual friend, S, who experienced a dramatic coincidence in the past few days. S had been corresponding about turtles with another woman on line. S had been chatting on line with her about turtles (turtle care, species, interesting facts) for several weeks. Then, S hears nothing more for over a week, assuming the woman is traveling, busy, or lost interest in the online turtle conversation. A week later, S is standing in line at the train station to buy a ticket. The woman in front of her states her name in order to pick up the ticket purchased in advance. It is the name--it is the actual woman with whom S has been chatting about turtles--standing right in front of her. They talk, in person, in amazement. I have not yet interviewed S to discover the deeper or more subtle elements of this synchro.