84 and 83​




I am running one morning, a week ago, at the piers on the Hudson River in NYC. I see a familiar sign. Pier 84.


The number 84 causes me to free associate on a farm I once owned--15 years ago--in Connecticut. Its number was, not 84, but 83 Boggs Hill Road. I think back to how much I loved this 6-acre farm, located in a small, quiet town characterized by other horse farms.


Not more than a minute later, a runner runs by. He is fast. Nothing unusual--there are many runners at the piers--I glance at him. The back of his shirt is 83.


I increase my speed to take his picture. Below is the shirt with 83. The speed of the sequencing feels interesting; hardly any time elapses between the view of 84, my remembrance of the farm at 83, and the runner with the 83 shirt. When (or if) I discover more about the significance between 84 and 83, I will report back.


Some time has gone by as I came back from dinner to study this picture on the blog. (I think I've got the answer!) Look at the large sign above the building in front of the runner. It's the Manhattan Mini-Storage ad, which says, "Oh yeah, you'll fit right in in Connecticut." This now makes total sense. I used to fit into Connecticut (my favorite place was the farm at #83), but now I don't, not even into this lovely CT farm, were I still to own it. I've moved to a different level. I now fit into NYC where this subtle 84-83 synchronicity occurs. I think the meaning behind the coincidence is that I'm in my right place.