An interception...beginning descriptor​




This is the beginning of a synchronicity reported recently from South America. It is from R who is relating it about her friend J. J is now traveling in Spain and may not have internet access to write it herself. This is an edited excerpt from an email.


From R:

I have daily been reading, working on a new graphic piece, practicing and playing violin. i met with a local medicine herbalist for my cough, and he gave me an array of plants that I have been using medicinally, drinking, inhaling, and pouring them on myself in the local tradition. I am also enhaling sea water and running every morning....trying for a complete effect, to concentrate on healing this persistent cough during this month when I don't have too many responsibilities. It seems better.

What is strange is that recently I have had this feeling of 'falling in love' with the plants that interact with humans, in my own garden. Before, my feeling was that gardening was aesthetic, a kind of ornamentation, a love of color and design. Now, this has suddenly changed about a month ago. I began to feel this new, different relationship emerge.

Here is a veiled reference to the dramatic synchronicity: I gave a Datura flower (growing in my garden) to our guest, J, to put at her bedside last weekend. I said to her, randomly, without much thought, 'See what happens tonight.' That night she had a dream that intercepted with the physical world precognitively and synchronistically. The dream occurred at the same time as some spectacular events occurred here, namely 5 robberies, assaults, and attempted petty robberies all at the same moment during the time of her dream. I asked her to write into your blog all the details as this was so impressive.

If she doesn't do it soon I will write this in, as all of us are still trying to understand what happened.

By the way, none of us were robbed and we are totally happy and OK, just livin' the life here.

Editor's note: My expectation, hope, and intention is that by writing a teaser post on the above synchronicity, the author J or her friend R will want, or feel called upon, to describe the details of the dream herself in a future posting.