A hybrid design:  Blending methodologies​




Here's a good design when a research inquiry needs to gain breakthrough ideas and deep understanding of a category, product, brand, or concept



  • Plan with team using a creative process like CPS or Synectics. Identify hypotheses

  • Do team training if authentic ethnography or creative ideation will be used during project

  • Allow time to set up fields, develop screener, recruit respondents, do progress reports

  • Create a moderator's guide and ethnographic agenda after discussion with team members about what they want to find out during the fieldwork

  • Assign creative homework to recruited respondents to create at home, bring to groups. Two excellent homeworks are collages about a product or brand

  • Conduct fieldwork: Blend of groups, IDIs, and Authentic Ethnography. Follow the Rule of 2 in which we do two groups, IDIs, or ethnographic observationals per important segment x at least two regions of the country. This will allow the reading of trends, themes, and rule out idiosyncratic findings

  • After each region or series of groups, debrief with observing team to evolve insights

  • Once all fieldwork is completed, do a day-long creative ideation at headquarters with entire team

  • Give time for analysis. Create a final report in ppt format and present to client in person or phone