Air Canada, Coehlo, and page 76​




As the plane lands, I ask DW what page she is on. We discover we are both on page 76 as we put the books away for the landing.​

I do not see her again, although my parting words to her are to do some market research for her Cotswold idea before leaping into it.


The synchronicity about the Coehlo book and page 76 is direct and strong, yet I am unable to imagine what its meaning can be. On page 76, there is a pathologist's report and some technical details about how a murder is being traced. The story is taking place in Cannes at the film festival....a story about the rich and powerful, but I'm not far enough along to really know what it's all about. DW says that her father is a film maker-producer and she grew up in the presence of filmmaking and festivals. I mention that in my ethnographic work, I often illustrate findings with video clips, a small usage of film for research.


The author Coehlo writes at the beginning as an explanatory introduction, "One...recurrent theme in my books is the importance of paying a price for your dreams. But to what extent can our dreams be manipulated? We have lived in a culture that privileged fame, money, power--and most people were led to believe that these were the real values that they were to pursue. What we don't know is that, behind the scenes, the real manipulators remain anonymous...the most effective power is the one that nobody can notice..."


Is the coincidence the number 76?


Or, something else that eludes me completely at this moment?


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