Appearance of orcas​




Orcas are black-and-white killer whales, which have a strong spiritual archetype among Northwest Indian tribes. Through art, carvings, and creation stories, orcas are powerful harbingers of healing and strengthening of relationship among families. In mid-April, T and I used a carved talking stick of killer whale design from Vancouver in a Harville Hendrix technique of listening and paraphrasing to increase honest communication. This talking stick was purchased in 2008, during which time T experienced a dream of a pod of killer whales swimming near her boat.


On Thursday, April 28, I'm at a conference; it's late night after a workshop session, I'm eating dinner in a bar of the hotel. Sitting near a colleague, M with excitement says she's going to vacation on an obscure island outside of Vancouver; she will be kayaking among whales, describing killer whales. The next morning in an elevator, on Friday, April 29, T and I meet two conference goers. One is wearing a lovely necklace; when complimented, she says it's from Orca Island in Maine. T and I go out for a run and see black-and-white seabirds diving into the estuary near LaGuardia Airport. Returning to the hotel, we turn on the TV to watch the royal wedding and see an orca dramatically diving in the classic movie Free Willy.


This appearance of orcas is not yet defined, but seems connected with relationships of depth, importance.