Archetypes and synchronicity: Relationship​




Jung felt that what was underlying synchronicity was the reality of the invisible archetypal world. Future entries will begin to describe the identity, role, emotional motivations, and characteristics of archetypes from legendary and brand perspectives. But for now, know that meaningful coincidence and archetypes are intrinsically related.


Robert Moss, a dreamer and dream workshop teacher, indicates a living and lively, poetic timing with synchronicity in his March 2011 blog entry, "Coincidence runs in riffs, and working with it may involve pattern recognition over time and the kind of poetic consciousness that notices what rhymes in a day, or a week, or a longer period." I do not yet understand the idea of riffs, but it is intriguing to me as this year-long synchronicity experiment is evolving.


So now we add archetypes, riffs, pattern recognition, rhyming, and poetic consciousness to synchronicity.