Archetypes and synchronicity​




I discovered Joseph Cambray's book, Synchronicity: Nature & Psyche in an Interconnected Universe. I read his early chapters about Jung's belief in a connection between archetypes and synchronicity on a plane this afternoon into La Guardia. This is relevant to my work in branding; it feels like the tip of the iceberg. I had not realized any profound intersection between archetypes and synchronicity, or if I had read it previously in Jung's work, did not realize its implications for me or in my research. I will let this connection simmer for a while until more ideas come to me.


I continue to be intrigued with defining what synchronicity is. From Synchronicity, page 31, Cambray writes in ways I am only beginning to understand as my intentional day-to-day experiment continues:


"Just as the capacity for metaphor has been linked with the formation of mind, synchronicity could be treated as a specific kind of metaphor-forming process when reflected upon from outside the event--an 'objective' metaphorizing tendency of the world itself. Disparate elements without apparent connection are brought together or juxtaposed in a manner that tends to shock or surprise the mind, rendering it open to new possibilities, for a broadening of the view of the world, offering a glimpse of the interconnected fabric of the universe."