A reader writes of wordplay and 111s​




KJ emails me today about two interesting synchronicities she's experienced many times:


(KJ) "I'll be reading something while people are talking about something else, in the room or on the radio. They'll say a word exactly when I'm reading it. Of course, the contexts are different, and I'm not actually paying attention to all that the speakers are saying, since I'm immersed in my text. But that coinciding word pops out. It's really strange."


Another synchronous example from KJ:

"I've noted this synchronicity more than a simple average of times...I look at a digital clock and it shows 1:11 or 11:11."


From Ava, S&S blogger: I am interested in at least five things that spring from KJ's accounts.


1.Do KJ's occurrences of coinciding wordplay increase for her in the near-term future because the experience has now been noted in writing and heard by another?

2. Do other readers notice words heard from outside sources coinciding with words read internally in a text at the same time?

3. Will I as the blogger posting this particular synchronicity, now experience it?

4. Do certain numbers on a clock repeat for others? And for me?

5. Back to the wordplay: What specific, exact words are actually popping out in these wordplay coincidences?As interesting as the occurrence is, perhaps it is the word itself that signifies something to the one experiencing it. Does the coincidence of certain words hold personal keys and secrets? Or, are these words arbitrary, at least on the surface? Keeping a record of such words might be instructive and revealing