Are synchronicities useful?​





A reader--RA--writes on the topic of whether synchronicities are useful...or just enlightening, filled with wonderment, or only meaningful in terms of life experiences. Of course, enlightenment, wonder, and meaning can be satisfying enough in my book, but adding in usefulness to synchronicity seems an extra-special dimension.


Here is RA's story of an extremely useful occurrence from several weeks ago:


"We are working on our restoration of a historic house (in a large city in SA). G needs thirty-five 7-meter -long beams for the exposed beam structure of a studio within the housing structures. G has been thinking about this for some days because 7-meter beams are very hard to find. He goes to a hardware store, is waiting in line, and overhears an architect talking about thirty-five 7 meter beams that he is buying for his own work site. After the architect hangs up, G tells him that-- unbelievably--he is looking for this exact same item in the exact same quantity.


"As a result, the architect gives him the cell number where he can buy these beams, and G has been talking with the supplier to see if the purchase is feasible.


"Usually I note that synchronistic events are oddities that can stop you in wonder, but not necessarily useful in themselves in helping one along or making life easier. Except in this case."


Another reader--P--lets me know this morning of a new association related to the color orange. P writes:


"By the way, I read your blog about orange -- recently a friend of mine, who is an interior designer in Sarasota, mentioned that he loves orange because it is known as the 'Qualifier.'


"That meant, he told me, that orange goes perfectly with any other color.

"I didn't believe him at first, but try it -- it really does!"



Dear readers, please write in to post your own stories of useful synchronistic events and information.