Reoccurrence of wood

April 27th, 2011

On Monday, April 17, there is a series of relationships with the element wood. I make elderberry tea to soothe a sore throat. I don’t want the hot boiling water of the container to damage the formica counter in my kitchen. T takes a wood cutting board and places it under the hot container, commenting that this wood chopping block brings in the wood element of Chinese medicine. T says, “This makes for good feng shui and adds to the power of elderberry tea.” Within 10 minutes, I open my computer, and there is an email from MB who sends me a link to an astounding video on YouTube, related to wood and a nature performance of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring. The link is, by the way, to see “music as you’ve never seen or heard it,” according to MB’s email.

In the evening, these wood references cause me to choose the green blog template with its tree background and its Tree of Life icon. I know–I have a sense of knowing that–this is the right template for my blog on synchronicity.

These wood occurrences lead me to ask: Are intriguing, memorable, unusual series of associative repetitions, one after the other, a form of synchronicity?

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3 Responses to “Reoccurrence of wood”

  1. avalindberg Says:

    Thank you. I spent a while considering what the content of this blog would be….almost a year. As the self-experiment on the daily intent and report on synchronicity began to develop, I wanted to publish these results as they were unfolding in a more active way and to see how these developed over a year’s time. Please feel free to put your own account of a meaningful coincidence in a future blog posting on Secrets and synchronicities

  2. avalindberg Says:

    Thank you so much! The reoccurrence of the wood theme helped me make a decision as to this template. I appreciate your reading the “whole blog”, but now it’s time to read your own. What I would suggest is to put something very interesting to yourself on the blog, without regard to what anyone else will think. When you publish your own highly relevant words, suddenly you want to read it yourself. When you want to read your own words, so do others. The only person you really need to please intellectually and emotionally in a blog is yourself, and the rest will follow.

  3. avalindberg Says:

    What aspects will they agree with, do you think? Please feel free to post a meaningful coincidence on this blog, when the time is right

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