When synchronicities seem to cease

December 26th, 2011


During this season in which research projects and holidays converge at a dizzying rate of demand and completion, it would appear as if events and circumstances that should have vast interconnections….should abound and increase. Instead, I have found the opposite… that serendipity has actually decreased.


Perhaps I am too busy to notice. Perhaps my observational skills have been focused on accomplishing market research purposes and I do not or have not had a chance to remain open to new data that does not fit a model of investigation or the cultural structure.


I post this news as I await a return of this once-exciting system of coincidences of meaning occurring frequently… in 2012.


How does one make serendipity and synchronicity return, increase, and develop?


What happened to it?



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2 Responses to “When synchronicities seem to cease”

  1. Royanne Says:

    I also am not having any synchronicities. I had expected them to increase as my awareness of them increased. Since I was now thinking about them from time to time during the day. And it is not that I have been really busy out there in the exterior world. There has been lots of creative time, and time for myself. However, I have had a few worries knawing away at me. Perhaps when I worry, the scynchronistic wonder part of me also closes down?

    I will post a synchronicity of G that happened to him when he took his sons to the small town of BaƱos last week: in this town there are exactly 121 eating places, many of them really good, and within a rather short walking distance. Well, there was a couple that would go to eat bringing their laptops with them. They would sit at a table, totally involved in the comp. screen, with food placed around them which they would partake of from time to time, and never talking to each other. G walked into one restaurant and this couple was installed. The next day, for lunch, he walks into a completely different restaurant, and there they are again, with the same set-up. G. says that of the approximately 6 times that he went to eat in restaurants, this couple was in 5 of them. So, you tell me, what is the probability of this happening?

    It occurs to me that since he was in this 3 day vacation, that the key is vacation. So, to all of us that take days off in a new place, perhaps we should watch out for a synchronicity.

    P.S. Did you ever find the emerald?

  2. avalindberg Says:

    Actually, I had one interesting synchronicity yesterday. I was emailing with CL about the dynamics of ayahuasca and how they may or may not affect the creativity and transcendence of the brain. Some feel ayahuasca helps with spiritual revelation; others are unclear about its dangers and results. Several emails transpired. Later that evening, I was listening to a lecture with a friend TT who is taking a 6-week workshop on stones and crystals relating to cycles of the sun and moon. She had invited me to listen into this one-hour lecture even though I am not taking the course formally. Her teacher gave a 5-minute powerpoint slide on how seretonin in the brain is increased with certain hallucinogens such as LSD and ayahuasca–that the effect of these mind-altering drugs is not so much from the drug itself but from the flooding in of seretonin on the brain functions. Since the subject of hallucinogens like ayahuasca is a rare topic for me, nor have I ever ingested it, although CL and I were talking about its availability and possibilities in South America, it was an unusual occurrence to hear about it several times in one day, from two different sources, both of whom are viable, functioning, creative seekers and teachers

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