Commonplace synchronicity​




Lately I have been finding that I say or think something and my words and thoughts are immediately proven or illustrated by a visual or event in the outside environment. I never quite know when it will happen. It happens so frequently that these synchronous associations feel natural, almost commonplace, and often I forget to record them.


Two illustrations:


. While driving back from Tanglewood this weekend, my friend is discussing Judy Garland and her talents as an artist. We pass a street sign called Garland.


. I return from China and the subject of orange again crosses my mind (I have done several posts in this blog on the evolving spiritual meaning of orange.) I see a small boy, while I'm running near the Hudson. He is dressed in an orange t-shirt and he is Chinese. I photograph him, and we talk briefly. He is visiting the U.S. from China, just as I was recently visiting China from the U.S. I see him three more times in the same week and each time am reminded of China.