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Courage and warrior spirit, which is similar to a new needstate exploratory research project that involves Ares, the god of war​

Continuance of teal synchronicity​




In a past post, I wrote of my intrigue with the color teal. This teal trend continues; to teal has been added symbols from runes of a meaningful nature. These rune symbols were found yesterday on a sidewalk on 44th Street near the Hudson close to 11th Avenue. It was an unlikely place for runes or any oracle, but I noticed them because of their color, teal, and I noticed them because I have just returned from Iceland where runes are well-known oracles, still used and appreciated by Icelanders, whose origins come from its Nordic roots and mythological past. Over the 9 days I spent in Iceland, I heard of Odin and Freyr, Thor and Freya, Loki and Balder -- ancient Nordic gods of the Vikings -- using runes. Runes are part of the general atmosphere and belief system of Icelandic people, many of whom acknowledge the possibility of elves and hidden folk existing within their midsts.


Runes are ancient symbols on stones or wood pieces that when thrown signify meaning, often relevant or predictive.


On yesterday morning, on my run at the Hudson, I saw these teal rune symbols on the sidewalk in chalk. At first, I ran by them. Then, I stopped and went back to analyze and photograph them. Not knowing what each rune means, I looked up the meaning on a rune website and saw that some matched my photographs. The sequence of the teal runes seems to suggest a new path, career, or event for me that involves travel, excitement, and deep satisfaction.


I have no idea if these runes of teal were created intentionally or formed arbitrarily by a surveyor marking out points using geometric symbols with teal chalk close to a construction site. But nonetheless, the images have meaning for me, which is the core meaning of synchronicity. So, I present them here. What is intensely interesting is that I have been involved in trying to make a go-no go decision that I referred to more ambiguously in a past post. After a leave of absence from a Ph.D. program in Archetypal Psychology at Pacifica Graduate School to work on qualitative research projects in archetypal needstates and other ethnography, I discovered -- for the upcoming fall term, when I am thinking of returning -- that one of the classes will be on synchronicity. It will be taught by Dr. Keiron LeGris and Dr. Joe Chambray, whose works I have quoted from in this blog on synchronicity.


Perhaps the teal runic symbols below are signaling that I might return to the program. Or, this new association may suggest that something good is on its way to me that involves projects, career, travel, and interesting news.


Here they are as I photographed them, with their meanings alongside.


A journey