Datura, dream, and desperados​




This reader's post can be found under my post A Beginning Descriptor, which I wrote when alerted by RA that her friend J had experienced a strange intersection between dream and reality. Both take place in a small South American town. Here is J's story:


I will attempt to describe the ¨dream¨referred to in the above posting. I fell asleep with an apricot-hued Datura flower on my pillow, breathing in the blossom´s delicate perfume. A very clear and unornamented dream ensued. 


In my dream, a father and son were traveling through a desolate landscape. The scene was a dark night in a desert town. The father was some kind of gambling desperado. The son was there to steer him clear of danger. They received word that they must prepare because the town was to be under siege. A gang was poised to enter the town and create havoc. The macho father wanted to take them on, but the son prevailed. And they took refuge in an upstairs hotel room.


I was awakened out of the dream by three loud knocks on the door of our lodging. My partner leapt out of bed to investigate. He found no one there, and looking out of the open screen-covered windows, could see no movement or evidence of anyone in the shadows. He returned to bed and as we were pondering the significance of the knocks, we heard a gunshot fired from very close by. We waited for some movement or explanation. In the next moment, a series of five gunshots were fired, also very close. Afterwards there were no sounds or explanations. We went back to sleep, hoping that the morning would resolve the mystery.


In the morning we learned that the town we were staying in had indeed been under siege with robberies, assaults, and attempted highway roadblock assualts.


We never learned the significance of the three knocks that woke us.


Comment by Lindberg: This is an amazing situation. The dreamer dreams of an assault on a town, is awakened by mysterious knocks, sees nothing, but later learns that the town they were staying in was under assaults. Who knocked? What was the nature of the assault dream? Did it act as a synchronous vision of something that was happening simultaneously? Were both dreams or were both realities?


This post will act as my intention to learn more about the phenomenom of dreams that exist simultaneously with a dramatic reality situation. It's not a prefigurative or predictive dream. The assault dream happens at the same time as the assault on the town.


If other readers have similar dream-reality situation, please write and tell us, or feel free to comment on this dual dream-reality synchronicity.


I am wondering if Jung and other depth psychologists have an opinion.