Does synchronicity increase as we write?​




I'm quoting from C, a reader commentator on the blog, who inspires the title of this post. You can read her unedited post under Recent Comments.


"I was just telling someone about your blog, and how synchronicities seem to be increasing since I wrote the last one about Dylan. She said to me, “Give me an example” – which I did. She then told me how her newborn baby has just begun to smile. At that exact moment, I read the line of the Dylan Thomas poem In the Beginning, “one smile of light across the empty face." I had the blog open with the poem in front of me.


"...Synchronicity in written signs that we happen upon during the day... is a confirmation, tying together threads of divergent themes creating a totally new meaning in context"


Note: italics are mine for additional emphasis.


This is a noteworthy, subtle coincidence: the smile of a newborn with the smile of light across the empty face described in the poem. The poem is about arresting perspectives of origination. Her noticing of this new illustration of synchronicity suggests a confirmation of an expanded idea about origination in the universe. What C seems to be saying: The intentional study of synchronicity provides us with the possibility of a surprising, totally new meaning in context with an expansion of the original theme. This original theme or moment is magically, provocatively, noticeably, relevantly, poetically tied together by a living presence superimposed by a different and yet positive construct in the universe.


A synchronicity to report on this morning, Thursday, May 5, around 8 a.m.: I receive The Star in answer to a question. In order to discover more of The Star's meaning, I spontaneously open another book on the traditions of Golden Dawn initiations to, surprisingly, a page describing The Star. It is an expansion to my understanding. The second Star's occurrence is within 1 minute of the first.


The Star's meaning is hope and inspiration. It represents the restoration of the world through renewed connections between wisdom (Chesed) and understanding (Binah) flowing out through the dividing of the firmament of primordial manifestation, pouring forth into the waters of joined collectivity. It represents Aquarius, the water bringer. The double meaning between both Stars... is grounded idealism with the capacity to now see beyond, to look at the transcendant, deeper, highly positive, healed inner depth of the universe unfolding outwardly.


The top is the classic Star by Waite. The lower is by Mather. Both are from the GD.