Game changing in multiples​




This afternoon near the end of an intense Friday work day, there are sudden references to game changers. A few weeks ago I had not heard of the phrase. LB writes me today about new, exciting game changer exercises that she's playing with. Last week LB also has a dream that we are getting our passports ready to travel together, and suddenly I remember the conference title from a call to papers for workshops for the ACE 2012 creative conference in Atlanta. It is...


...and LB is intrigued and writes me back immediately. Can we create a game-changing workshop together? It seems possible. I write HV the co-founder of the ACE conference and he replies in the affirmative and invites me to Greece after April 25-27 in Rome for the AQR-QRCA conference.


I go out for a meeting, around 5:30 p.m,. and overhear the words "game changers" in two Times Square conversations. The same words are spoken very loudly.


Ava: I was invited to submit (another) proposal for a workshop at the Atlanta Creativity Exchange next year.....the subject is.........duh-duh..... drum roll........


Subject: one more thing

The title of the event next year is: Game changers


LB: OMG: This is too amazing-- and makes me think that we should work together -- at the very least explore verbally :-) What a great opportunity