Hints of enlightenment from synchronicity​




From Milarepa, the Buddhist saint who attained enlightenment in one lifetime, I offer this excerpt from his poem Upon This Earth


Before Enlightenment, All things in the outer world Are deceptive and confusing; Clinging to outer forms, One is ever thus entangled. After Enlightenment, one sees all things and objects As but magic shadow plays, And all objective things Become his helpful friends.


The idea of magic shadow plays has an intuitive connection to synchronity. One sees, is surprised, notes these linked associations, may feel joy or amazement, but need not cling to them. They may presage a vaster universe with the qualities of ultimate wisdom. Sometimes we trace the trail of associations backward to the present and then we realize their interconnection. Often they are instantaneous. Sometimes, like fractals, distance and perspective is required to see the magic of their shadow play.