How far do you want to take reality?​




As a cultural anthropologist, qualitative market researcher, and enthusiastic discoverer of insight and truths, I've long been fascinated with the nature of reality on both mainstream and esoteric levels. I'm now featuring a blog with two purposes.


The first is strongly connected to my business website. Some posts will be focused on the elements of qualitative research, i.e., to share "secrets," ideas, experiences, and reportable case histories about planning, developing, and conducting breakthrough research for brands, companies, and concepts. It will benefit clients, colleagues, and independent researchers. There's an emphasis on techniques using archetypal and projective devices like Tarot, collage, visual storytelling as well as the underlying philosophy behind doing authentic research.You're invited to share your research experiences and ideas.


The blog's second purpose is a self-experiment in synchronicity. The researcher is researching herself. Each day I begin with an oracle like Tarot and a definitive intent to become aware of meaningful coincidences, i.e., synchronicity, serendipity, and threads of interconnection, that I see and that occur during the day. I note early thoughts about the preliminary intention and oracle with pen or visual, and then review the results of synchronicity at the end of the day. I'll report back my ongoing synchronicities, whether profound, superficial, intriguing, obvious, or in some form of intuitive process.


The experiment is intended to continue at least one year to learn how day-to-day perspectives and actual synchronicities related to oracle-induction and intentionality play themselves out. I will share the results as and when they unfold and invite you to share your own tales of synchronicity. You're welcome to join me, on my Chariot of exploration, into the new world of synchronicity.