There is access to email, it is promised by our hosts, but the experience of adventuring in this Arctic region does not suggest intense communication with the regular world.


I shall dream, take note of the unusual, be in wonder, and gain inner quiet to allow the creativity needed for the upcoming months of ethnographic and qualitative research -- more in warm regions with Hispanic peoples in Western and Southwester regions of the U.S., perhaps with a trip to Quito, Ecuador -- to be born, acknowledged, grow, and flourish.

Iceland dreaming​




For this 10 day voyage into the far North, I am heading, within three days, to Iceland. It is only 5 hours by plane, a straight shot from New York City. Iceland is no farther than Phoenix or Puerto Rico and closer than Europe or South America where I travel more regularly. Somehow Iceland feels more distant, mysterious, and inaccessible.​


There will be a chance to explore waterfalls, geothermal pools, volcanos, whales, moonscapes, and the sense of purpose that can represent a journey to the North.