Jewelry loss as synchronous events​





A reader writes in on Friday, July 10, about a lost-jewelry-related situation. RA's words:


"This is not exactly a synchronicity but you decide--

Last night I was walking down a city street, having come out of a restaurant. I suddenly decide to feel the long chain around my neck that holds a very old tiny antique Buddha. The chain has opened up and the whole thing is falling off my neck! I am surprised and grateful that it is not lost. I put it safely away. I look down on the street which I am now crossing. There is a small round gold piece of jewelry in the road, with an orb of tiny topazes. My feeling is that I have almost lost something very precious to me, and then at the moment of retrieving and averting this small disaster, find a piece of jewelry that will be sorely missed by someone else."


Two days after I receive this email, on Sunday afternoon, June 12, I lose one of my favorite earrings--an emerald stud. I discover the backing and then, with horror and pain, that the emerald stud is gone. Since the backing is in my apartment foyer, the emerald is somewhere between my foyer, the apartment halls, the many staircases (the elevator was not working that Sunday), the sidewalks of New York City heading into a subway station where I took a C train downtown to 23rd Street about 2:45 p.m. I assume this is when the emerald fell off my ear.


I look and look and look. These emerald studs are very important to me, a gift to myself after a major event last year in celebration of freedom, choice, and a new life.


I am distraught all Sunday into Monday. I sorely miss this emerald. As of today during this writing, it has not been found, despite more searching, alerting the doormen, residents, and cleaning people to its possible whereabouts.


Such a loss I would not have reported in this blog, but it feels like what is called negative synchronicity; my lost-emerald event has been preceded by a reader's almost-jewelry-loss posting.


I continue to look the next day, wondering if my earring could ever be found. Early Monday, as I am staring at the ground for the emerald post perhaps outside the laundry of the building, I speak with a Spanish woman who reports something interesting: On Sunday afternoon on Spanish TV Channel 41, she heard the amazing tale of a lost ring found. A man had lost his ring, down a toilet, 72 years prior, and yesterday on Sunday afternoon while having his plumbing fixed, the ring reappeared... 72 years later. She noticed it for its strange positivity, a small item on Spanish news.



Lost and found. Lost, not yet found. Losing and hoping to find. Rare and beautiful emerald. Jewelry that disappears from one's ear or almost in the case of RA's neck. I continue to be sad and sorely miss the emerald. I wear the other emerald in my ear and my other ear feels the absence. Could this be negative synchronicity? Is there such a thing? Will my story have a happy ending, like RA's catch of the jewelry clasp before the necklace fell off? What meaning could transcends this loss?