Lady Gaga wins​




C and I are walking down 10th Avenue in NYC to see art galleries on W. 28th Street, early Sunday afternoon of Mother's Day. We have a conversation about Madonna. C says that she saw Madonna's concert on a wide screen in Panama Airport last night, waiting for her flight to the U.S.. She thought Madonna looked as if she wasn't having any fun. Her breakdancer, however, C feels was superb.


We compare Madonna with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga seems more contemporary, is as talented, also a shapeshifter, gives money to charities, while Madonna's diva image may be aging out. We wonder who is the current diva, Madonna or Lady Gaga? At this very moment, we see a large billboard of Lady Gaga on a building.


Surprised at the size and drama of the Lady Gaga image--and its immediacy after we talk about her and Madonna--we laugh. Lady Gaga seems to be the one, the "winner."


Two hours later, we meet up with T. The three of us are walking down 9th Avenue to order a pizza. We mention our original discussion of Madonna vs. Lady Gaga and the synchronicity of the poster image. T feels Lady Gaga is the more exciting and compassionate diva. At that moment, we pass the Film Center bar and Lady Gaga's song, Born This Way, is blasting into the street. I video a few notes of it.


From two short Sunday synchros, Lady Gaga wins. The meaning of it escapes me, but I continue to look out for diva synchros.