Learning on synchronicity evolving​




As I am waiting for another powerful synchronicity and closing out the year on qualitative research, it seems a good opportunity to list a few of the learnings:


  1. Synchronicity is unexpected. It comes upon the observer at a time least expected, often surprising, and then, in reflection, one realizes that the timing is perfect
  2. It is clustered. They occur in small groupings, several in a given time period
  3. Meaningful but not immediately. It can take a while to figure out what it means
  4. Private. This is a blog combining recordings of synchronicity, personal reflections, and ideas about qualitative research. However, my impression is that most synchronicity is almost too private and personal to reveal within a work blog, and some must remain unexplored to the general public. While, market research can always be recorded and assimilated by anyone on a client team, confidentiality upheld of course
  5. Talking and writing about synchronicity increase it. Heightening awareness of even molecular meaningful coincidences augments their frequency and power, while ignoring, minimizing, or decreasing awareness cause coincidences to disappear. It suggests that we live in an intelligent universe who responds when we note it and lets us alone when we stop paying attention
  6. Synchronicity is a relationship. It augurs a strong set of ties or union between the seen and the unseen, like the tip of a whale tail that arises momentarily in the middle of a vast ocean. The whales are there but come up only sporadically...not in response to us but we see them because we are there looking for them or we come upon them unexpectedly
  7. Color. Synchronicity tends to be a visual phenomenon. Although one may hear of it or describe it...yet the recording of it in visual language or with tools like photos or videos helps to acknowledge its presence and digest its meaning