Malaysia, Singapore Living, and 2014​




A number of weeks ago, I am flying back from Atlanta sitting next to a man reading a magazine. This is nothing unusual, of course, but I was totally intrigued to learn what the magazine was. It ended up being Singapore Living. He and I spoke quickly as the plane was landing about his imminent corporate relocation to Singapore and how Malaysia is very beautiful, clean, and great for international living--a leaping off place to many other sites in Asia (Bali, India, Indonesia). He was also currently living in Westport, CT, where I used to reside but moved myself about one year ago. So, I paid attention to this occurrence.


I had assumed that perhaps this was a signal that my next stage of qualitative research might take me back to India or another area of Asia.


Several weeks later, a Buddhist nun MZ who is a friend of CL emailed me and asked to stay for 3 days at my apartment in NYC. She is from Malaysia, about an hour's flight from Singapore. While she stayed with me and as we spent time going to Buddhist temples in Chinatown and practicing meditation together, she had noticed that I had a statue of Kuan Yin in my living room and a second in another room. MZ is currently organizing a spiritual conference in 2014 in Malaysia for those with a connection to Kuan Yin--also known as Chenrezig or Avalokitishvara--the Buddha of Compassion (represented by HH the Dalai Lama). I and TT may decide to go.


This association with Malaysia appears to have been foreshadowed by the Singapore Living association.