As I realize the meaning of this synchronicity, I notice around me women in dramatic orange saris.​

Leaving the Taj Mahal, there is another orange moment; while viewing the halls where servants of the Emperor once lived, this portico is said to be constructed in perfect symmetry, all with orange masonry.​

Meaning of orange at the Taj Mahal​




About a month ago, I started to experience the color orange in a numinous, emphatic way that caused me to write about orange experiences, visuals, and to photograph examples of orange from New York City in several posts throughout June and May 2011. These were "The Synchronicity of Orange I" and "II." The subject of orange touched several readers who discussed their own attraction to orange at key points in their lives.


I am now beginning to gain more understanding about why orange had this pull, made an impression on me. I am now writing this post from India during a month-long global research trip. Three days ago on a free day, I visited the Taj Mahal.


Inside the tomb where the queen is buried are walls covered with Arabic designs of inlaid precious stones of lapis blue, malachite green, jasper gold, mother of pearl silver, and carnelian orange, all placed with magnificent care into the Indian white marble by craftsman of the Emperor during the 16th century who created the Taj to commemorate his love for his deceased wife. A guide shows me with his flashlight, inside the darkened central tomb area, one of the inlaid pieces of carnelian, which glow under the flashlight's focus. He explains that it is the only precious stone that glows orange in the dark and is found originally within this inlay inside the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal's architectural and design elements represent a variety of spiritual, artistic, and religious symbols and metaphors. In the case of the glowing-orange carnelian, orange is said to represent the clarity of the Soul. It is used throughout the great tomb, subtly.

A new interest in orange starting two months ago--which seemed mysterious to me at the time--evolves into a synchronistic precedent to the orange carnelian inlay and the depth of spiritual exploration I experienced at the Taj Mahal just three days ago. Essentially, numinous orange in New York City presaged spiritual symbols of orange in India at the Taj Mahal, which built in meaning as the color unfolded to my vision over time.​


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