Minor associations: synchronous?​




What defines synchronicity? Can synchronicity be comprised of very tiny interconnections of language or visuals that as of yet have no strong meanings other than plays on words? I'll report back later tonight. Here's the oracles for April 26.


I choose three cards for today that represent a) synchronicity generally (King of Wands), b) my role (Ace of Wands), and c) role or effect on the world (8 of Swords, Interference). The Queen of Swords represents the new blog Secrets and Synchronicities in its current evolution. A few notes from my immediate reactions to it: Three people are holding either a wand or a sword, the King, the hand in the Ace, and the Queen, while the 8 is bound up and feeling a sense of interference. Red/rust is prominent, in the robes, wand, and the clothing of the woman bound up.


Synchronicity today has a sense of masculine activity, confidence, power, and forthrightness. For my side, new ideas are arising in the energy field. The world feels as if it is suffering and bound up. How to release the world's sufferings? How to get major organizations even corporations to create products and concepts that "give back" and release this pain and fear. Objects are hands, bindings, water in pools, castles in the background, blue skies, powerful rulers, lizards and salamanders, and magickal wands. Will I experience any of these visuals or ideas today, or is the intent for synchronicity enough?