Most wanted signs​




I have been at a conference for four days and not listening to any outside news, nor on Sunday night. This morning, i.e., Monday morning, May 2, 2011, I'm running toward the Hudson River on 43rd Street heading to 12th Avenue. I see a large white delivery truck that has a Most Wanted advertising sign on it. I notice it intensely. I also notice the red, white, and blue logo of the Norwegian NcL passenger ship at dock on the Hudson, close to the Intrepid. I hear a passing sound on the radio of a car driving by: "Most wanted." When I return to my apartment and listen to 1010 WINS over breakfast, I hear that America's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, has been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. The newswaves are filled with accounts of the world and leaders discussing bin Laden's 9-11 crimes and dramatic death.


These signs alert me to an early sense of the news of bin Laden's demise before I actually hear it.