New synchronicities​




A reader, R, has written to request a category called New Synchronicities so that she and others can post totally new synchronicity experiences in its own section.


I am adding this category today, calling it Totally New Synchronicities.


To review the purpose of the blog Secrets and Synchronicities for new is to create an ongoing forum of interactivity on the theme of building and exploring a compendium of synchronicities recorded from an intentional desire or completely spontaneous, unsolicitied occurrence in order to see and experience such meaningful coincidences on an ongoing basis.


It is also to analyze their meaning, muse, see where and if the coincidences move and expand, and note any connections between personal or professional synchronicities with the field of in-depth qualitative, archetypal research. Carl Jung, champion of synchronicity, believed that meaningful coincidence and archetypes existed in the same continuum.