Numinous orange




Today continues with orange. I remain saddened by the loss of my emerald. Other events unfold. Some are growth--new depth--while others promise expansion, dimensionality, and experimentation at work...not yet begun but soon to explode on the global scene. The Summer Solstice is on its way, tomorrow, June 21 at 1 p.m. e.s.t.


Notes of orange pervade my personal atmosphere. You can see my recording of these orange experiences below, a sampling of orangination that sweeps through my consciousness. Orange is said to be the color of joy. And yet, and yet, I feel this ongoing neutrality as I observe its continual presence.


I will mention numinosity, one of the characteristic of synchroincity described by Jung. Numinosity is the glowing of an element, a shining energetic envelopment in light, emanating hues of soft brilliance. Synchronicity has three-fold attributes: it is rare, surprising, and numinous. Orange appears to be numinous without meaning, for the moment. Is orange in fashion this season?