My favorite type of partner has the ability to follow and share a clue, to feel like a good detective in a thriller whose twists and turns take the reader into new places that ultimately feel unique, real, productive, and ownable.


At the core, I need a colleague who trusts the process of authentic ethnographic observation.



*Photo clips are from Pinterest. I like to use Pinterest to develop projective techniques and illustrate new ideas, as well as get connected with evocative imagery.

Optimizing ethnographer collaboration​




To be able to see themes amidst a variety of confusing or similar observations...​

To be able to see a major a-ha theme arising, especially one that is unexpected, that's not easy to conceptualize or convey immediately in a topline, that begins to emerge simultaneously for both researchers yet grasped more as a fantasy or oddity that needs teasing out especially if submerged within other stronger findings...​


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