Orange and green via readers​




K posted recently about personal color preferences in response to my Synchronicity of Orange post.


K says that...."Orange is my # 1 second-favorite is green. I hope you find your emerald, or that it finds you"


Another reader, P, writes about orange and its symbolism to her. P says that since our correspondences on the semiotics of orange, she's been thinking about orange.


"When I provide respondents with a 14-color paint chip deck, they usually choose orange to signal danger or a warning that is less severe than red. Maybe that's because they're usually talking about their disease state. If they're thinking happy, they typically choose sunny yellow, rosy rose, or sky blue.


"I don't feel that way about orange personally, since for me... it's thoughtful happiness


"I was on your blog late last night and, strangely, I have been feeling orange (as in thoughtfully happy) for a long time. Renovating a condo, having my last daughter marry last week in a very different but wonderful three-day wedding event, looking forward to the change in my life once we move in, suddenly getting a rush of business. These make me orange. Strangely of the 20 tee-shirts I have from Chicos, more than 5 of them are orange and I've been wearing them constantly for weeks.


"Did you find your emerald? I felt your loss so keenly."


To describe more about orange and its symbolism, orange is said to be energy one step removed from its primal source red. Orange gives an impression of warmth and gladness, the color of the harvest moon, autumn leaves, and pumpkins. Goethe in 1840 said orange is the hue of the intense glow of fire and of the milder radiance of the setting sun. Orange is fire within rightful boundaries. It is associated with deepening one's spiritual understanding through misfortune and alienation. It is sometimes a symbol for the outcast. The Buddha and Buddhist monks wear orange robes to signify renunciation. Orange chosen for a painting or in sketches may imply energetic striving, gaining one's identity, and assertiveness. Orange symbolizes power. Lack of orange may indicate discomfort with personal power.