Origin of synchronicities?​




The debate is on.


A reader, G, has recently written into Secrets and synchronicities to indicate that he feels strongly that synchronicities are self-generated, albeit amazing, based upon his 50 years of research (see posting from Gibbons). I invite you to read his book called Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities): The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process, available from Amazon.


Jung's original research, his long-in-development theories, his hallmark book Synchronicity written near the end of his life, and his psychoanalytic experiences in which coincidence plays a tangible role in the healing, revelation, breakthrough, and renewal of his patients' mental health during therapy...seem to pose a broader underlying forcefield. Jung hypothesizes synchronicity as having a connection with the vastly powerful but invisible, legendary archetypes that illustrate, inform, and evolve through the stages of the Self in its journey toward ultimate integration.


Other readers don't know where synchronicity comes from, but enjoy the appearance of these coincidences that seem to increase the more one writes or intends to observe them. Wherever they're from, meaningful coincidences can startle us into new thinking and often change the course of our lives in tiny or huge ways.


Yet others feel they're divinely inspired, channeled by a divine force, or must be generated from a special guardian spirit/guide, or deific force--akin to God/dess/god--whose messages can be read, interpreted, and used as active personal or professional guidance.


What do you think?


I invite commentary and opinions from my readers. 1) What are the synchronicities you'd like to describe? Please feel to write them into the posts available after each article. 2) What do you feel are the origins of synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that are rare, numinous, and surprise the mind into a new way of thinking, believing, or doing?


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