Pacifica as university signaled by car​




For the past two weeks, I have been intensely developing my application for the doctoral program in Depth Psychology with Emphasis on Jungian and Archetypal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Still lacking one or two vital pieces of the application on this day, I was driving my Lexus out of town, leaving New York City, wondering if I would be accepted and how it would be to do a full-time research practice and do a full-time doctoral program--at the same time. Could I? Should I? Would I? Yes, it's too exciting an opportunity to pass up.




In front of me, I see a plain white minivan, while traffic is stopped at a light. It has the logo Pacifica. It is subtle yet dramatic. Like a breath of fresh air wafting into a dark cloud of worry, the logo brings me up sharply and I relax.


The pale white imperceptible Pacifica logo on the car is a sign that... or a next-step is imminent with Pacifica the university. I realize that it really doesn't matter what I think, obsess, or worry about because what will be, will be. The Ph.D. program is actually a foregone conclusion, part of my destiny, the next stage of my intellectual progress...signaled in a flash by this small synchronicity. The program, my life, and my continuing-t0-evolve research practice will happen as it should.


Tonight--moments ago, in fact--a consultant-colleague J.O. in the sustainability marketing field emails me to ask how my degree in Cultural Anthropology at Columbia had gone, and that she'd like to do it or get one, too. She asks, "What would it be like to study collaborative culture, to shift toward study of cultures that are less materialistic in value?" No one among my professional friends has mentioned cultural anthropolog for a while although I've been contacting former anthropology professors nonstop. Her question and her desire to talk about advanced degrees is yet another small sign that my new program is right on track, on the horizon, coming up quickly.