Paris, Warsaw, and Verdi​




On a global trip, I am picking up evidence of a theme about Verdi. Verdi seems to be an odd synchronicity since I am not in Italy nor involved in opera at the moment. I'm not sure what the connection to Verdi means in terms of this international trip during the month of July and August, nor the nature of my qualitative research, or my personal evolution. Yet, I am seeing traces of Verdi periodically.


True, I am in Europe, but the references to Verdi seem to have a numinous quality.


First I hear the Verdi Requiem in a beautiful Paris church, l'Eglise de la Madeline. That evening, my colleague J comments as we get back to our business hotel on Rue de Montmartre that the "world is very wide." At that moment, on the radio is heard an aria from Verdi's La Traviata, relating to Traviata Act 1's philosophical musings on the nature of pleasure and reality. I say to J, "Perhaps the world is connected...not so big after all."


The following afternoon, on a walk near Notre Dame, I am spontaneously asked to go to a concert in which Verdi's Traviata is L'Eglise Julian de Pauvre.


A day later, Tuesday, in Warsaw outside the research facility Millward Brown where I am working, I notice a dramatic sign for Verdi's La Traviata.


I happen to have a book on classical music called The Stream of Music with me on this trip, so I turn to the section on Verdi. (Normally, I do not have such immediate references to the great composers of music, but had decided to take it on this trip...). On page 311, I read: "Verdi was first of all a practical man of the theater who enjoyed creating popular successes as much as he relished the practice and improvement of his craftsmanship. He had no philosophical axes to grind; no grandiose, world-sharking art projects to construct. He simply composed the finest of all Italian operas...since Verdi, operatic decline is a phenomenon to be observed...a world-wide condition in the present century."


The meaning of this continuing synchronicity relating to Verdi--Rome next year at the AQR-QRCA to report on our present research?--is unclear to me although hints of a meaning are emerging; yet not solid enough to write about it.