Postmodern phenomenologists suggest that life, culture, research, and texts of explanation and findings are actually a form of cinematography that has been developed on the basis of prior expectations and assumptions about the unfolding text although we seek for a research study to move beyond these dualities into a totally new paradigm of insight.



This makes a multiphased authentic qualitative research project exciting...and a little shivery. I'm not saying that we can't or won't arrive from masses of complexity to one finite and important insight -- indeed a recent hybrid archetypal study reduced 80 hours of research into a single finding with breakthrough implications -- but coming to singularity from complexity may take a variety of analytical styles and require different upfront expectations to process the way that raw qualitative data is handled, analyzed, assumed, and intuited. The following are explanations of aspired-to vs. complexity in research as we use more and more forms and combinations of methodologies in our research process.

Perception and imagination as "text" in research​