Play the coincidence game​




Robert Moss in his book, The 3 Only Things: Dreams, Coincidence, and Active Imagination, uses a technique related to synchronicity called The Coincidence Game. I also hear of a variation this weekend from Caitlin Matthews who calls it Oracle in the Heart. What you do is hold a question in your heart/mind and ask it deliberately, outloud or silently. Then, you observe carefully the next thing that you see or hear in nature or which is surrounding you. It may give an answer rapidly.


I do this a few days ago. I hold a question in my heart/mind while on a run around 7 a.m., Saturday, April 30. The question is, "What is the true nature of synchronicity?" Immediately, e.g., in 20 seconds, a Queens bus on Ditmars Avenue goes by with a large ad on its side. "Brink. On the Verge of Evolution."

Within another two minutes, I run by a driveway and observe a car whose license plate is Spygurl. See the photo below. It is evocative. I am taken aback, yet charmed.


Interpreting these scenarios....the answer about the nature of synchronicity is profound, humorous. Synchronicity is at the edge/brink of evolution as a form of knowledge, as an evolution of reality. The one who observing and tracking coincidence is "spygurl." To observe with intention is to spy.


Try this game yourself.