Prediction and victory​




The best is yet to come.


The power of exploring archetypes and archetypal imagery to predict upcoming major events in the world is an usual role for these universal patterns in graphic form that are frequently used to explore deepening of authentic brand personas. On October 1, during an archetypal brainstorming ideation session with clients and researchers, we explored a variety of potential archetypes and need states that the group felt was reflected by each of the U.S. presidential candidates.


On that early October day, the archetypes of World Community and Superhero were chosen for Barack Obama, while no clear archetype could be selected for Romney.


Last night, that World Community archetypal prediction has emerged with the significant victory of Obama.



That October 1 archetypal prediction was accurate. Now we can celebrate, anticipate, and experience with happiness the reelection of a president who will fight for American prosperity, increasing jobs for everyone, and collaboration of life, democracy, and resources among nations. It is a wonderful day.