QCast:  Facilitating Consciously, 9-6-12​




Don't miss the September Qcast featuring Lindberg speaking on creativity. You can find the QCast on the www.QRCA.org website under September QCast. I'm speaking on exciting new ways to intensify the power of creativity and brainstorming tactics within four radically different research and creative scenarios -- generating marketing ideas with corporate teams, developing new missions and visions with senior management, debriefing research findings after qualitative research with the observational team, and adding archetypal and creative projective techniques to focus groups to gain depth of emotional learning.


Please join me at noon to 1:30 on Thursday, September 6, 2012, eastern standard time


Facilitating Consciously for Breakthrough Insights

September 6, 201212:00 p.m. ET (GMT -4)

Speaker: Ava Lindberg, President of SunResearch


Applying the right form of creative facilitation and brainstorming exercises can achieve breakthrough results in qualitative research. But how do you know what the right form is, when, and how to use it for your particular situation?


Join Ava Lindberg as she shares her top four ways to increase the probability of breakthrough research and conceptual insight using case histories from major brands and other corporate situations. These approaches are appropriate for:



Cross-functional brainstorming sessions to develop new concepts and tactics

Immediate debriefs for innovative co-creation of research findings

Politically savvy high summits with senior management

Stimulating creative focus groups using deep projective exercises

Ava Lindberg is President of SunResearch, a leading-edge qualitative research practice located in New York City. For 20+ years, Lindberg has delved deeply into consumer behaviors, experiential-emotional need states, vision, brand imagery, and creative development as well as spearheaded innovative new forms of qualitative methodologies for leading brands and companies.