We are surprised and visually test the red dot of the Red Dot Art Fair Gallery logo against the red dots on C's luggage. Her red dots and the art logo are the same size.

A moment later, T brings in a shampoo bottle--the brand is Garnier Fructis--which she shows to have a large red dot on the front. It says Body Boost. As I'm posting this photo, I note that there are three red dots near the Garnier logo.​

Hours after C has left for JFK, I leave my apartment and look down. I am missing C, knowing I won't see her again until I return to Ecuador. My downcast eyes notice one red dot outside my door on the outside hall carpet. This red dot is the next in the unexpected series of red dots. It must have fallen off one of C's bags when she left the apartment.

It is prominent on the carpet.

Red dots are the universal signal that a work of art has been sold. It's put near an art work on the gallery wall. Exhibition goers know that someone wanted that work of art enough to buy it.

Six hours later in my research office, I'm surprised to receive a go-ahead on a large project.


I am asking two questions related to the red dots. 1) Did the synchronicity of the many experiences of red dots presage the project go-ahead, which is in effect a sale of a work? 2) Will C, for whom the red dots were originally put on her bags, receive success in the sale of her new digital artwork as she reenters Ecuador?

Red dots:  Presage of success?​




Last night I help C get packed for her return flight to Ecuador; she is leaving by limo at 4 a.m. that morning. C is concerned that her bags are black, like most bags, and might be hard to distinguish. She wonders, Is there a way for them to look different? I suggest red sticky dots, the kind used when I'm facilitating idea sessions. The brainstorming team is invited to note appealing ideas or prioritize brainstormed concepts. When put on luggage, red dots make a bag more distinctive.​


As we are red-dotting the bags, C wants to show me the art galleries she's visited around 57th Street in Manhattan, and opens it spontaneously. She opens to The Red Dot Art Fair.