Renaissance synchro leads to speech​




Today's synchronicity or "synchro" as they're sometimes termed: On Saturday night, April 10, 2011, I attended a 3-hour panel discussion on synchronicity given by the Yale Synchronicity Project at the Open Center in New York City. At the end of the evening, I turned to a clinical psychologist next to me who's interested in dreams and meaningful coincidences. I remarked that there were solid, practical ways to increase awareness of interesting, potentially significant, meaningful events and things during the day. I mentioned that the founder of The Renaissance Project in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a Ph.D. educator whose genius was focused on combining systems of accelerated learning and problem solving--but whose name I couldn't remember--had once described to me, more than 10 years ago, the benefits of making 50 short observations a day in one's notebook. Just writing down spontaneous, unrelated observations in a notebook. That's all that's necessary, this man said, to intensify brain power and awareness.


Of course, putting down observations is a favored, vital process for cultural anthropologists and qualitative researchers who constantly make notations on paper or laptop that may lead to new findings.


One week later, on the morning of the opening session of a conference on creativity--the Atlanta Creativity Exchange--where I was speaking about empowering teams to higher levels of creative performance, I looked across this wide room and saw the founder of The Renaissance Project--I suddenly remembered his name, i.e., Dr. Win Wenger--sitting at a table. He had an empty seat next to him. I sat down, started a conversation about how much I liked his system of composing music and his techniques for enhancing brain and creative function. Dr. Wenger nodded, then said I had been recommended to him as a potential speaker for his upcoming Double Festival on Accelerated Learning and Problem Solving next month in May. And, would I be interested in speaking on the role of cultural anthropology related to the topic of making sense of and figuring things out?


I thought about this invitation, later submitted a proposal, and it was accepted two days ago, on Saturday, April 23. I'm now scheduled to be speaking at The Renaissance Project's annual conference in May on what will be the subject of Truth or dare: Exploring paradoxes of relativity and absolutism in knowledge. This awareness of synchronicity as it was happening allowed me to make the connection and accept the opportunity; the coincidence meant it was right for me to say yes though I had to move things around to make it happen and there's some amount of work in creating this presentation.


Below is a photo from an oracle reading from the Chaupin Oracle, done for me on March 22, 2011 by Elba Bravo, shaman from Peru who happened to be in NYC for a few days and it was arranged for us to meet: These cards indicate: Be calm and wait for the blessings, an insightful link with the idea of synchronicity