Seeing green precedes a new emerald​




A week ago, there was a day of intensely experiencing the numinosity of green. Green was everywhere, glowing. It leaped out at me from every direction.


Yes, I know it's summer and green is technically everywhere. But I had not experienced green--ever--as I did on this day, particularly because orange had been the color of intensity for days.


Two days later, I have an emerald back..not because I actually find the lost post lost two weeks ago Sunday in this mad and busy City, but because I purchased a new one in the diamond district. This new emerald is under highly favorable circumstances that redeemed the loss of the original.


My emerald--which is green--has been recovered. I reflect that the appearance of intense green a few days before are a kind of synchronous association that preceded the new emerald. At this moment, I am wearing two emerald posts, one in each ear.