Shanghai as potential synchronicity​




Over the weekend, I found myself talking intensely to visiting family (a professor and her husband) about Shanghai. We all had been there recently and spoke of Shanghai's magnificent architecture, its jaw-dropping vastness (even for one such as me who resides in New York City), and the volume of wealth, technology, and contemporariness that surprised me, us, utterly.


Today, I received an email from a colleague in Australia asking if I wanted to consider a research opportunity in Shanghai. Of course I said yes. There is a feeling of China in the air that I'm intrigued to investigate. Whether to classify the Shanghai occurrence as synchronicity or association is unclear but it's fun and may lead to something globally exciting.


The following are three of many photographs I took in Shanghai some two years ago while doing archetypal mission research for a digital imaging company. My intention is that, by posting these photos, I push the synchronicity from reference point to stronger action.