Staten Island Ferry, a Hudson moment​




Two days ago I was running at the Hudson and on my third cycle going round the dock, saw the Staten Island Ferry slowly making its way up the Hudson. The location was the 83rd and 84th Piers. The Staten Island Ferry was going somewhere, but it was out of place. The seeing of this icon--all gold, worn, with old-fashioned typeface--empty, heading upstream far away from its usual location to and from Staten Island...shocked me. I stood with my mouth open, my gaze unable to move off the passing ferry. It continued, very large, slow, and steady, to pass by just as I was running out to the edge of the dock, then I stopped, hung over the railing, and watched it until it was too small to see, as it slowly made its way up river.


I had no digital camera on me during this incident so I post a picture from Wikipedia to show you what it looked like moving up the Hudson.


Had I not gone running at that moment or had I not looked at it clearly--thinking instead that it was a yellow NY Water Taxi--I might have missed the event.


Why was the Staten Island Ferry moving upsteam on the Hudson, empty? Why was it so far from home? Perhaps it was going for repairs. Perhaps it takes a periodic vacation for cleaning or maintenance, which is located up river. Perhaps it was moving in a new location because this particular Staten Island Ferry was no more. Perhaps it does this all the time. But, I run here all the time at this same time of the morning, and have never seen such a strange event on the water. Once I lived in a penthouse on 94th Street and Riverside and looked from the high floor over the river, but never did I see the Staten Island Ferry on the Hudson during the five years I had this residential perch.


Post script: Since I originally wrote this post, I found a picture on a July 13, 2008 blog that shows the Staten Island Ferry going upriver on the Hudson. So, apparently, it happens once in a while even though it seems totally unusual to me, not expecting to see the Staten Island Ferry outside of lower Manhattan.


Whether it's unusual or not, it is to me. And, doubly so, because within minutes, another associative "ferry event" occurred. As I was returning home 10 minutes later, I ran by an old white truck with a clear sign on it, A. Ferry. I stopped and looked, strangedly moved. What was A Ferry...what is a ferry? What is the A?


My name is Ava which starts with A. Is it a general reference to me as A... the identity of Ferry... or a peculiar connection with my name in symbolic terms relating to ferry?


Perhaps the ferry reference relates to movement, transition, and going somewhere unusual. Perhaps it is relating to a new project in academia... my interest in taking a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology with emphasis on Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. This pending decision--serious, not yet made, but in the planning stages--feels like a deeply exciting transition into a new but surprisingly familiar area in my life....the chance to continue full-time qualitative research that already has significant usage of deep projective methodologies like archetypes with a full-time doctoral program that is now specific to Jungian, archetypal psychology-- hybrid, some residence in NYC and some in Santa Barbara....with a good portion online.


So, what is A Ferry? What is a ferry? What is the connection and synchronicity between the Staten Island Ferry and the truck with A. Ferry? I just checked with Wikipedia, and it explains the obvious: that a ferry is a boat that acts as public transportation moving regularly to take passengers between two locations on a scheduled basis. It moves from one location to another for people who work or live or need to travel back and forth regularly. Ferries leave and arrive on time, dependably. It feels as if the ferry vision indicates that I may soon be taking a ferry between two points of the country, signaled by the quiet-, quick-moving, subtle Hudson vision.