Synchronicity among artists, musicians​




What I'm discovering through my depth psychological research is that adding a strong component of creativity increases the level, power, frequency, and speed of synchronicity. This relationship has implications for artists, musicians, and creators as well as for qualitative research in which a creative, visual component is added to the design, execution, intention of the team, and outcome.


For this post, I am speaking of synchronicity related to artists and musicians.


Here is a two-step relationship that might form the beginnings of a synchronous process:


1) To manifest synchronicity more rapidly and significantly, use the Magician archetype intentionally. The Magician is the archetypal that intensifies the intentionality to create, to bring new ideas and creations into being, and to apply focus and tools to generate a new idea into reality.


2) Then add a powerful component of art, music, filmmaking, photography, or composing -- creativity in some form that brings imagery together along with ideas and intentionality. It is evident today from two days of evidence that the artist's power as manifestor allows imagery from the depth of the unconscious -- the mythological basis of archetypal reality -- to emerge and take form rapidly.


This appears as synchronicity -- images that coincide with internal visual images created to form a quantum effect in a startling and exciting embodiment.