Synchronicity and decisions​




Sometimes it's hard to make a decision especially if two factors are weighing circumstances equally. Sometimes synchronicity -- the collision of images that is meaningful in shockingly relevant ways -- will step in and make the determination.


Today, during my run at the Hudson and then back on 44th Street heading to 11th Avenue, I saw four important images that related to an upcoming research conference in Montreal. Originally, I had refused the invitation to moderate a roundtable on International Intrigue and not accepted an invitation to share a room with an anthropological colleague. It would have been fun but I thought I should wait for a proposal to come through and do the project instead. I had decided not to go although it seemed enjoyable and exciting to be with my research colleagues. But work called and I thought I should obey the need for research work.


Then, things changed radically when I saw these images staring me in the face as I was running. They related to the subject of the roundtable and they spoke to the location of the conference. I knew I should do it. I knew I should reverse my decision not to go if the two opportunities were still available to me. As soon as I returned to my home, I emailed the head of the roundtable MK and asked if International Intrigue was still available for me to moderate it. He said yes. I called and emailed my colleague AF and asked if I could room with her after all. She said yes.


Then, realizing that synchronicity had stepped in...I said yes to the decision to go to the Montreal QRCA Conference in October and to moderate the roundtable on International Intrigue.


I will keep my readers posted about the subject. For now, here are the striking images that I photographed and that shocked me into a decision to go when before I had decided against it.