The synchronicity of orange II​




All day I have been seeing orange. The color orange. Women and men in orange T-shirts. Ads with bright orange. Posters of orange. Trucks and boats with orange. Birds with touches of orange on their beaks. Orange cones in the streets. Orange pants and fashion accessories. Dancing visions of orange everywhere, from morning to night.


The photos show but a few of the orange experiences that have catapulted into my vision today. It feels like a natural form of synchronicity--this repetition of orange.


Just now, from my library I pull out a reference book to check what orange means at the deeper levels. Accessing The Way of the Soul through Color is based upon the teachings of French color intuitive Patricia Janusz. The book's covers open without effort, instantly, unbidden, to the chapter on orange. It is entitled Orange: The Spirit of Divine Joy. Skimming it, I read that orange is the sun, the flower of creativity, the inspiration of wisdom, the joy of being alive, pure energy, vitality, the womb of creation, the nurturance of the seeds of life, the peacemaker, adaptability, the manifestation of the physical plane, the empowerment of communication and cooperation, the spirit of sanctity, union with others in peace and harmony. Orange is giving thanks within the calm of well being, the blossoming of the senses, the temple of one's soul, the mercurial mind of Hod, the second chakra. The masters of orange are Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, and Lao Tzu, the master of wisdom.


I feel as if I need, crave what orange is and provides . The day does not feel at all orange-like, but has been unduly serious, intense, productive, focused, detailed, in depth, careful, analytical, fearless. Can the synchronicity of colors repeated again and again point to the qualities our selves require?