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My SunResearch blog is a one-year experiment in the intentional paying of attention to synchronicity. Since about April 2011, I have been recording meaningful coincidences in my professional and personal life, photographing where possible, discussing what they may mean, how they turn out, and following along where such synchronistic occurrences go.


I add in theory, discuss the usages of synchronicity, archetypes, and the semiotics of everyday occurrences in the world of research and innovation, along with new ideas about trends in qualitative research.


These secrets and synchronicities throughout the blog vary widely. Some seem important; others are recorded to fulfill the nature of the research experiment. I am fascinated by the subject and have committed to noting individual synchronicities and special qualitative secrets against the greater backdrop of this year-long investigation.


The reader is invited to send in your own synchronicities--professional or personal.


Here is one that is small and associative. In Toronto on the way to Pearon Airport early yesterday morning, I am riding in a cab on the second day of Divali--the Feast of Lights--celebrated by Hindus around the world. I talk about Divali with the cab driver who is Sri Lankan; he noticeably brightens when I wish him a Happy Divali. I had sent, the night before, a Divali card to a client who is a VP of an Indian food company, for whom I'm doing a brainstorming session on November 5.


When I get into Pearson Airport, I notice this Incredible India ad, which is across from the gate of the Air Canada flight I'm about to board. I had also mentioned my visit to the Taj Mahal with the cab driver. The Taj is featured prominently in the ad.


Perhaps my wish to return to India on business will be fulfilled.