Tuesday synchros:  Double and Wicked​




I had two synchros that can be classified in the minor associative category. I asked W about the time of my scheduled talk at the Double Festival conference. This email occurred moments before rushing onto a subway in NYC. As I got into the subway car, my eyes lit on a poster with these words, "I took the partying into double overtime." Although the ad was about designated drivers, it made me wonder...is the Double Festival or might my talk extend itself or our discussion until late at night? A few hours later, I got an email from W who said: "Amidst a major jugglement, I'll feel much better answering this by end of this weekend or sometime next week, my apologies. Thank you for bearing with me." It seemed as if scheduling for the Double Festival was chaotic, but I don't want to read too much into it. Yet.


The second relates to the play Wicked. T and I saw a new opera at the David Koch Theatre in Lincoln Center, Seance on a Wet Afternoon, with music composed by Stephen Schwartz. This was on Sunday afternoon. We loved the music, found the singing and acting provocative, but disliked the opera itself; we were glad when it was over. We did say that it would be fun to see Schwartz' other works, like Wicked, a mega-hit on Broadway. This afternoon, two days later, while walking on Broadway, a street seller came right up to me and yelled that he had "reduced tickets for Wicked." I talked with him, tickets were indeed available at 1/3 the price, but we couldn't go tonight. Wonder what's the connection with Wicked or Stephen Schwartz?