When in Rome...​




Much excitement -- a major piece of research has just been written up -- it's for a recent global archetypal research project -- and just came out in the new summer issue of QRCA Views, a leading U.S. qualitative research journal. It's our collaborative paper presented at the Rome AQR-QRCA biennial conference in April in Rome for Tale of the Script: A Global Collaborative Adventure.


It's the story of how I and my fabulous colleague JL conducted -- not only ourselves but with the expertise of five international moderators -- a series of 24 creative groups to find a global mission for an iconic brand that would charge its new identity with power, coalesce its B2B and consumer divisions, and discover which global regions to concentrate upon in the brand's thrust for expansion. Archetypes and projective exercises were a a key part of this international undertaking, which took the better part of summer into fall of 2011.


In another post, I'll describe the archetypal dimensions and how we did it across the world. For now, enjoy the article written by the president of the QRCA in Views. Our research could not have been done without the amazing collaboration between members of the research team spanning U.S., Paris, Warsaw, Hamburg, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Delhi, and Mumbai. Collaboration and interactivity between client teams, researchers, field resources, and target audiences have always excited me, but in 2012, this theme of intentional involvement at all levels of the research has become a critical element of true success.